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Tips to Ensure Tech Guest Posting Success

Here are 10 tips to help you create a great Tech guest post and get invited back.

  1. Write for their Audience

This is something I’ve said before, but I feel it’s still important to reiterate: Know who your target audience is, and then write directly to them.

Every book that succeeds speaks directly to the readers’ problems, pains, and needs. This is true for every blog post.

You are not writing into the void. You might as well keep a journal if you wanted to write into the void.

If your content is valuable to the blog owner’s readers, they will pay attention to you (and your content will resonate more strongly).

  1. Their Brand is your Brand

Every author has a brand. Your brand says to readers: “Here’s my offer and how it can benefit you.”

You need to understand your audience, your message, and your expertise to build the strongest brand.

Every blogger has a brand just like every Author. They are able to target a particular audience and share a certain message. They have a specific tone, approach, and style.

Guest posts that are aligned with the brand of the Author make the best Tech. Your content should help them spread their message.

Your blog should reflect your post. You should write a humorous, lighthearted blog post.

We all have many sides. Sometimes we can be humorous and sometimes somber. Most people would not go to a funeral and crack jokes. You would be appropriate to the situation.

Think about the context when you write guest blog posts. Consider the context. What is your best approach to that site?

Always be you. You should be yourself, but you must also be intentional about how your blog aligns with its brand.

  1. Follow Their Blog Format

All guest posts Tech should be in line with the blog’s standard format.

Sometimes, site owners will provide you with clear guidelines for guest posting. Divide your post into three sections. Your post should not exceed 1,000 words. Include five internal links. This is how you enter the information into WordPress.

Follow them no matter what they say.

As a guest poster Tech, your goal is to satisfy all of the needs: the blogger’s, yours and the audience. You should listen to the advice of the blogger, who is an expert in their target audience.

Unspoken rules should be observed. Every blog has its own writing style. It doesn’t mean you have to copy it. However, don’t be too obvious.

You can also refuse to exceed the word limit if the blogger asks. Match their average size post.

Be consistent and respectful in your contributions. This is the best way to establish a long-lasting relationship with bloggers and be invited back!

  1. Offer actionable content

Don’t give your readers a 10,000-foot view of the topic. Give them something tangible and concrete. Give them something tangible and actionable that they can take away from the article.

Which idea is more likely to stay in your head? Some large idea you encountered? A brilliant piece of wisdom you can use every day?

Your article will have more value to your readers if they can apply it in real life. You’ll be remembered every time your readers use your techniques to attract new clients, create effective emails, or any other lesson you teach them.

If you can show them how your knowledge can make a difference in their lives, they will be more inclined to follow you.

  1. It’s not about you

Although it’s wonderful that you have published a book, your post shouldn’t be about the book.

You are not there to say “Hi, I am so-and-so and this is my ebook.” It’s not necessary to mention your book. Your goal is to create content that is educational, informative, and meaningful. Readers will want to visit your website to learn more about you.

You can then sell your book, online course or products.

One of the most effective examples of content marketing is guest posts.

Content marketing refers to the creation of online marketing materials such as articles, blog posts and social media posts. Although they don’t promote your brand, they can still spark interest in your products and services.

Great content marketing doesn’t have to feel like marketing. It should feel like actionable, useful content.

Although you may be writing guest posts to get publicity, it is important to remember that readers are the most valuable form of publicity. Your value will attract more people to you.

Articles that sound self-promotional or spammy are not what people want to read. A sales pitch that is too aggressive can be a red flag.

Keep in mind to lead with value and follow-up with your byline. You can find out more about me at my website.

  1. Include a killer byline

It’s all about you now!

One chance to tell people what you stand for and to give them a call to actions (CTA) is all you have. Make sure you have a compelling byline.

Your byline includes 2 components:

The best bit about you

Your CTA is where readers can get more information.

Although your tidbit may be the most notable achievement of your career, it is not always the most important.

Think about the audience. What will make them click through? Is your graduate degree going to impress them? How valuable is your company? How many people have you helped with your consulting work? Names of publications that you have written for? What is your status as a public speaker

No matter what you choose, ensure it speaks directly to your audience.

If you are stuck, I suggest looking at your Author bio to narrow it down to the most important pieces.

Your CTA should be the most accessible place for readers to reach you.

Think about this: If I have made the first impression right, how do I want to make my second impression? This is where your CTA link should take you. Are you always on Twitter? You can link there. Have a great website? There are many ways to link there. Do you own a blog? There are many ways to link.

Also, ensure you have a great Author picture. You should have a professional, high-quality photo that captures the tone of your guest posts.

You might prefer a formal Author photo if you are speaking to entrepreneurs. You might choose something lighter if you are speaking to comedians.

Your photograph should be appropriate for your Author brand.

  1. A landing page is a good idea

Instead of sending visitors directly to your homepage with no offer, send them to a landing site on your website. This will allow you to provide more value to your readers and help them enter your sales funnel.

Your landing page might offer, for example, a PDF or chapter free of charge in return for an email address.

You could also emphasize to your subscribers that they receive actionable tips each month.

You could also offer a mini-course for free that might eventually persuade people to buy your complete digital course.

Readers will be more inclined to follow you if you provide more value than they do. Your guest post Tech should be an appetizer. The next course should leave people wanting more.

  1. Use internal SEO links

Bloggers will be more open to your help in improving their SEO. You can do this by adding internal links to existing content to your site.

Search engines can also use internal links to connect content on a site. This helps to establish a hierarchy and gives the most important posts more value in search engines.

If you add internal links to your blog, visitors are more likely to explore the site. This will undoubtedly improve the blog’s metrics.

This is how it should be viewed. One of your Twitter followers may not have heard of the blog that you are guest posting for. They click on your link to view your content and find another interesting idea.

They click it. They then see an internal link that they find very interesting in the post.

They are now more involved in the blog’s community, which makes them much more likely to sign up. Bloggers will find this invaluable as they are always trying to grow their following.

SEO can also be helped by backlinks. However, guest posters (where a link links to another website) are unlikely to know which websites will benefit them the most.

Internal links are a simple, but effective, way to add value to the site owner.

  1. Give all the images the blogger needs

Don’t force bloggers to do more work when they offer you a Tech guest blog spot. You can give them everything they need in a pre-written post.

This includes images.

Images should be professional, high-quality images. No low-quality photos, blurry images, or off-kilter iPhone photos.

Even better, avoid stock images. Bloggers don’t want to use the same image as thousands of others. They want their content stand out.

Also, ensure that your images are properly sized and compressed. A high-quality image is important, but it’s also important that the photo loads quickly. You can ask the blogger for the best resolution and size.

Final, give the file a name. It shouldn’t be given a generic name like “myphoto.jpg”, or “maninsuit.jpg.”

Consider how the name of an image can affect the site’s SEO. If your post is about creating a meeting agenda and your photo shows people in a conference hall, then you will want to include the word “meeting” in the title.

  1. Be You

You should be able to match the tone and style of the blog that you are writing for. This is the key to making any blogger or influencer happy.

You also need to be distinctive. Your goal is to leave a lasting impression that inspires readers to look for you. Being authentic is the best way to achieve that.

Respect the blog’s conventions and norms. Don’t let your guard down.

You are a guest poster and not a ghostwriter. You have a unique solution, expertise or story that the blogger selected you over other Tech guest posters.

Be comfortable with the group, but don’t let yourself get lost in it. When it comes to guest posting Tech, authenticity is key.


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